Specialist Surveys

What sets Randall Surveys above many of our peers is the flexible approach we take when it comes to surveying.  We’ve developed a reputation for resourcefulness when faced with a survey task that is a little out of the ordinary.

specialist_content1We’re not ones to be put off by an awkward, tricky or unusual job, in fact we enjoy the challenge of specialist surveying projects, which require out of the ordinary methods and equipment.  Our specialist surveyors will rise to the challenge of restricted access surveys, hazardous area surveys and shallow water surveys.

With a skilled and experienced team behind us, we can refine and apply our survey methods and use of technology to solve the unusual technical problems, surveying in an unusual environment.  If we need to adapt equipment or surveying methods we have the skills and experience to carry this out successfully. We can also develop in house technical and software solutions to customise our data presentation to meet clients’ specialist requirements.

Examples of our specialist survey techniques are our surveys of fast flowing river weirs, and operational London Underground stations where surveying of individual tiling was required. We have also carried out deep shaft access for structural measurements and surveyed inside access and canal tunnels.

If you would like to discuss a project, please call us on 01787 227580 or email us at enquiries@randallsurveys.co.uk.