Topographic Surveys

High detail land mapping

  • Development, commercial and residential
  • Schools, hospitals and public sector
  • Airports, highways & railways
  • Quarries, landfill & flood plains
  • Urban renewal projects and brownfield sites

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Building Surveys

Precise architectural surveys

  • Domestic, retail & local government buildings
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)
  • Historic and listed buildings
  • Rights of light
  • Building refurbishment

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Services Location

Detailed services mapping

  • Development sites & urban regeneration projects
  • Public highways
  • Public utilities
  • National & local government
  • Healthcare and education

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Hydrographic Surveys

Specialist underwater surveys

  • Multibeam surveys
  • Lakes, rivers & canals
  • Docks, harbours and marinas
  • Estuaries and reservoirs
  • Coastlines & sea defence
  • Dredging & flood prevention
  • Dredging surveys and navigation
  • Underwater sound profiling
  • MCA Cat 4 vessels
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Laser Scanning

Hi resolution 3D data capture

  • High speed point cloud creation and manipulation
  • Creates detailed 3D geometry
  • Rectified imagery
  • “As-built” models of existing structures
  • Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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Structural Monitoring

Measuring the safety and integrity of a structure

  • Buildings, bridges, dams, reservoirs & plant
  • Both long term and short term “health” assessments
  • Risk management
  • Identification and prevention of potentially critical situations

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Utilities Mapping

Take the uncertainty out of underground mapping

  • Cable and pipe location
  • Drainage and manhole surveys
  • Sewerage and water treatment works
  • CCTV investigations
  • Asset mapping & statutory authority searches

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Specialist Surveys

Equipped for the unique & the challenging

  • Confined space surveys
  • Hazardous areas
  • Dams, bridges & fast-flowing water
  • Tunnels, quarries & refineries
  • Subsidence

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Based on the Suffolk/Essex border, Randall Surveys is a multi-disciplinary team of land surveyors, building surveyors and hydrographic surveyors, providing a range of surveys throughout the UK.  Our fully trained and qualified teams are equipped with the latest technology to ensure fast, accurate and efficient data capture.

We draw on a wealth of experience and a broad range of expertise.  We understand the potential for one tiny oversight to snowball into costly delays, which is why we adopt a right-first-time philosophy and use the latest equipment and software to ensure the most accurate, spatially related data.

We’re proud of our reputation for clarity, attention to detail and accuracy.  And that means you can be sure that when you call Randall Surveys, you are calling a team that delivers.