Structural Monitoring

Structural monitoring is the process of detecting changes to the material and/or geometric properties of a structure that may adversely affect its performance.  It gives vital clues as to the safety and integrity of a structure in light of external influences such as shock or subsidence, and of aging and degradation.  We have carried out monitoring of:

  • Port Dolphins
  • Dock cranes
  • Roman Walls
  • Dams, culverts and aqueducts

Measurement, Analysis and Interpretation

When it comes to the safety and structural integrity of buildings, bridges and other large structures, real and measured data is an essential tool when looking to address identified issues, planning maintenance strategies and/or assess their effectiveness.

Randall Surveys provides both long and short term structural health monitoring of complete structures such as buildings, bridges and plant.  We use a wide range of sensors to measure parameters such as strain, stress, load, acceleration, displacement, vibration, temperature and pressure.

Structural monitoring involves observation over time, by taking periodic measurements, and the statistical analysis and interpretation of these results to assess the “health” of the structure.

Our structural monitoring services can assist in risk management, and the identification and prevention of potentially critical situations.

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