Randall Surveys LLP – Covid19 Policy Statement

The Covid-19/Coronavirus situation is creating challenging circumstances in which to do business.  Randall Surveys LLP is fully committed to operating in a safe and responsible manner to protect both our staff and the wider community.  We are following the day-to-day advice and guidelines provided by the UK government.

In summary our policy is:

  • Any member of staff from a household where any single person is exhibiting one of the recognised symptoms (fever, persistent cough etc) will be instructed to self-isolate in accordance with the government guidelines.  This means that these members of staff will NOT attend the office or site.  Their only involvement in the business will be by working remotely from home for the period of their isolation.  All staff have been told to monitor their temperature and watch for the other symptoms of Covid-19 and to inform management immediately of any concerns and all developments.  All staff have been given the full content of this policy document and a personal online briefing on its contents.
  • Any member of staff who receives a confirmed Covid-19 diagnosis will only be allowed to return to work, on any basis whatsoever, on confirmation of recovery.
  • All staff have been provided with the means to work from home when plotting and processing survey data.  This involves secure VPN, remote technical support and administration, VOIP telephone access, Office365 portfolios.  The office is now unmanned apart from occasional management access, but the re-routed telephone system and emails are fully functional.
  • Meetings between our staff and clients are to be minimised and preferably completely avoided.  All such meetings as well as training and briefings will be conducted by teleconferencing methods.
  • Staff will need, from time to time, to access the office equipment stores, which are separate from the general offices.  This access will be staggered to minimise any possibility of close contact with other individuals.
  • When vising sites to carry out fieldwork, advice has been given regarding avoiding any and all social contact, avoiding public restaurants/food providers etc.  Single person working will be the preferred pattern in all possible circumstances – where safety and tasks allow.  Certain projects/surveys will not go ahead where the management take the view that it is impossible to work separately from other individuals on site.  Regular liaison with clients on the practicalities of site access will be essential.
  • Strict hygiene protocols have been implemented regarding the use of company vehicles, including avoiding multiple occupancy whenever possible, disinfection of controls, provision of antiseptic wipes etc.

We have a small pool of trained ex-employees who can be drafted in to fill roles where gaps are caused by staff absence and have a similarly small number of approved sub-contractors who we can also call upon if required. These extra resources should hopefully be sufficient to mitigate any effects of the virus that the business experiences.

This is a very fluid situation and updates to this policy will be made as necessary, possibly daily at first.

Randall Surveys LLP – 18th March 2020 – v 1.1